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Bark Butter Peanut Butter

Bark Butter Peanuts and Honey

Bark Butter Peanuts and Honey

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All natural, no preservative alternatives, no added sugar, no toxic xylitol, salt, or oils.  Double grinded peanuts to make some of the smoothest butter for our four legs friends possible!  

100% All-Natural Peanut Butter & Honey for Dogs

Calling all sweet-toothed canines! Indulge in this paw-some blend of peanuts and honey. This divine duo doesn’t just taste like heaven; it's a coat-loving, allergy-fighting powerhouse. Your doggo will thank you as their fur gets a glossy upgrade and those pesky itches bid adieu. A touch of honey turns snack time into a luxurious affair for your furry friend!

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